Tuesday, 5 March 2013


salam sisters,

its good to be back here on blogspot. sorry we took down the page for quite some time to do some adjustments here and there to our baby bloggie. we have remove all our previous collections and pre orders of "most favourite" item by all you sisters which is Aishah Collections to avoid confusion for new comers and buyers.

inshaallah sometime around next week (exact date and time is to be announce soon) we will update all available stocks for Aishah Collections (normal, square, pumpkin and XL sizes) due to backout buyers, bohoo :( stocks are limited so please do not missed out ya! :)

we will also bringing in new colors and prints for Maryam Collections and Maryam XL. we are so excited to do this update before we take a short break for ourself. it has been an amazing months dealing with all of you sisters and we hope we get to serve you the best.

please keep o supporting us and make dua for us may Allah ease our dealing fi dhunia wal akhirah.

stay tuned, as we have some tutorial video coming up as well :)

waallahi, love you all lillahitaala..mwah!

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